Gabriel Solomon Plotkin, along with being the Founder, is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager of the hedge fund company Melvin Capital Management. He has become popular at a very young age. He is also known as Gabe. He founded Melvin Capital Management in the year 2014.


Gabriel was born and brought up in Portland Maine. He completed his graduation in BA (economics) from Northwestern University in 2001. He graduated as Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa.

He has married to Yaara Bank-Plotkin in the year 2006. She was born and brought up in Queens, New York. She has done graduation in journalism from New York University.

The couple shares passion for Israel and they are associated with the Chabad Israel Center and Rabbi Uriel & ShevvyVigler. They hail from the Jewish community and have sense of belonging to the community. They help the Jewish community and Israel, in working together with Chabad. They have a special place in the heart for BelevEchad. Through this, they extend their support to the victims of terror activities in Israel and the affected soldiers, in order to improve their quality of life.

Gabriel is also interested in petting, zoos and sports activities, which are favorite of his son too.

Life as Philanthropist

Gabriel is not only a good investor and hedge fund manager but philanthropist as well. Gabriel, along with his wife, extends support for charitable activities. The funds are routed through their charitable organization named Gabriel and YaaraPlotkin Family Foundation.

Investment Career

Gabriel started his professional career in the year 2001. He joined Henry Crown and Company and served as Analyst working on Private Equity. Then he worked with Citadel LLC for a year evaluating improvements in the equity business process.

Then Gabriel moved to North Sound Capital, a company based in Connecticut. Here, he served as a Managing Director looking over investments in consumer segment from 2003 to 2006. Also, Gabe has experience of working at the division of SAC Capital Advisors, L.P. named Sigma Capital, which he joined in 2006. He worked here as portfolio manager for 8 years and was responsible for handling a portfolio of around $1.8 billion, having the investment in public equity of consumer-facing companies.

He has been an excellent trader at Sigma Capital looking after huge assets and proved his skills. His portfolio was one of the largest portfolios among his peers. He specializes in consumer, gaming and lodging sectors. He was one of the top investors having great productivity. He evolved as a reliable investor.

Gabriel was featured as a panelist at a Wharton Investment Management Conference with Adam Cohen (Caspain Capital), Rick Rieder (Blackrock) and Michael Karsch (Karsch Capital) in October.

Starting Company

In the year 2014 (December) Gabriel founded Melvin Capital Management, a hedge fund company. It has now grown to a big company managing billions of dollars in assets under management. The company is named by Gabriel Plotkin after the name of his late grandfather.

It is a long/short equity hedge fund, which has managed to become profitable since infant age. The investment skills of Gabriel have made a great contribution to the progress of the fund.

Gabriel, being one of the top traders at Sigma Capital, has received blessings from Steven Cohen along with $200 million in the form of seed capital as a help to set up own company Melvin Capital Management.

The company has attracted many investors and raised $700 million in the capital at its initial stage.

Awards and Accreditation

Gabriel has made place in the Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers, as listed by Forbes in the year 2018. He was ranked 20thin the list.

Investment Philosophy

Gabriel, after working with so many reputed companies, has honed his investment skills. He has vast industry experience and knows well as to what works in poor market conditions.

He mostly trades in consumer stocks and generated a net return of 41% in 2017.

His team of traders and analysts manages around $1.2 billion. He is known for delivering good returns not only in the positive market conditions but during the downtrend as well.

Gabriel, owing to his top-notch skills and experience, has managed to get a place in hottest hedge fund managers list and further strengthened his company’s portfolio. In the year 2018, like other years, he got a good start and earned good returns; thereby generating huge benefits for his clients and the company.

He takes the position in long/short equity, keeping his portfolio diversified and makes money for his investors. He uses fundamental analysis with a bottom-up approach for selecting appropriate investment avenues for buy and short.

With his excellent performance, he has made his prior boss – Steven Cohen proud.

In News

As per the filings, Gabriel’s hedge fund Melvin Capital Management, in 2018, has raised a $400 million huge short bet against the company named Nintendo, a game-maker based in Japan.