Anna Nikolayevsky is the lady behind Axel Capital Management, a hedge fund advisory company.


Anna was born in the late 1980s. She got moved away from Moscow at the age of 8, having no knowledge of English.

Anna Nikolayevsky completed her graduation from Leonard N. Stern School of Business. She earned a B.S. in Economics and International Business, New York University. Then Anna pursued an MBA from Columbia Business School.

She is a member of New York’s Economic Club, Stuyvesant High School. Also, she is the board member of Lincoln Center of Performing Arts; part of the Investment and Finance Committees and also served as the board of Girls Who Invest.

She fondly recalls her experience at Stuyvesant School and attributes some of her success to it.

Anna is known for her agility and leadership skills.

Life as Philanthropist

Anna is not only a good investor and hedge-fund manager but a philanthropist as well. She extends her support for non-profitable and charitable causes as well.

She was a donor to the Hospital for Special Surgery in 2013. This is America’s leading super specialty hospital for orthopedics and rheumatology. The donation was in the range of $100k-$500k.

In 2014 and 2015, she made the donation in favor of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and the amount was in the range of $3m-$5m and $250k-$500k respectively.

As per the reports, she has also donated some amount to Stuyvesant high School.

Investment Career

After completing studies and prior to starting Axel Capital Management, she has worked with well-known companies and gained industry knowledge. She has a rich industry exposure.

Anna worked at Zweig-DiMenna Associates, Inc. as Analyst. There, she was responsible for sourcing and managing long and short equity investment in various industries. Anna was associated with Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. as Analyst. There she worked on portfolios comprising of autos, semiconductors, software, and utilities for the growth and income and large cap value.

Starting Company

Axel Capital Management was started by Anna Nikolayevsky in the year 2002. It is a hedge fund firm headquartered at New York City. Anna, along with being the founder of the firm, is the Chief Investment Officer of the firm.

Axel Capital is engaged in providing services to pooled investment vehicles.

This firm, an employee owned hedge fund company, is a mid-sized firm. As per sources, the company has two clients.

There are mainly two sources of income for the firm. These are–

  • Some percentage of assets
  • Fee-based on performance

Awards and Accreditation

For her excellent work at a very young age, she has received many awards and honors. Some of these are listed below:

  • Received Rising Stars of Hedge Funds Award – Institutional Investor – 2009
  • Listed in 50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds – Ernst & Young – 2011
  • Accepted award for Emerging Fund & Emerging Global Equity firm – Investor’s Choice – 2015

Her firm Axel Capital Management also received many awards under her leadership.

Investment Philosophy

Her investment strategies proved to be successful in bringing fame to the company. Anna uses fundamental analysis with a top-down and bottom-up approach for picking stock for investment in mid-sized to large-sized companies. She deploys long/short equity strategies. Apart from this, the performance of potential investment avenue is checked through corporate filings, and relations with customers, competitors, and suppliers.

For checking business suitability, the focus is on the free cash flow of the potential investment avenue.

Anna has a portfolio diversified across various sectors of the industry.

Views on Politics

Along with investment and philanthropy, Anna takes interest in political activities as well. This is evident from the donations made by her which include an amount of $16.1k to Eliot Laurence Spitzer (Former Governor of New York) in 2006 and $2300 to Christopher J. Dodd (Former Senator from Connecticut) in 2007.

Views on the Economy

Anna does restrict herself from presenting views on the economy as well. She comes forward for presentation or speech as and when she feels and put forth her views on the happenings or regarding event in the economy.

For instance, in 2016 Anna gave a presentation at the event and shared her thoughts and concerns related to the oil industry. She mentioned that the oil prices are not sustainable and will further increase in the coming years owing to the marginal cost curve and analysis of good depletion. And this is what is happening.

She also mentioned that generally, forecasters concentrate on the supply part, however, the demand side is more important.